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Code Notes

These are individual samples of coding problems and solutions, used primarily for personal reference and peer review. There is little exposition here.


Reading Trace in your Flash Player
Reading Flex trace output in your Flash Player

Brilliant and bashful programmers such as myself will place trace output into our Flex code. Here's how to read that in the comfort of your own computer.

ColdFusion "FormatName" function
ColdFusion "FormatName" function

CF gives us FormatDate, FormatTime & FormatNumber out of the box. Here's a little function to provide a similar "FormatName" feature too.

View SQL Objects with CFML
View Stored Procedure 'Source Code' using CFML

Leveraging a ColdFusion datasource connection to view MS-SQL compiled object definitions - when you don't have access to an IDE.

Mura CMS - Advertisers
List All Mura Site Advertisers

The Mura open-source Content Management System has Advertising Management built-in. Here's a quick way to list all the sponsors and their logos on a single page.

Flex Stylesheets
How to Style your Flex Application

I've built you a Flex app and sent you a stylesheet to customize it. Now what?

QR Code generation from OpenBD
QR Code generation from OpenBD

OpenBD (Blue Dragon) is an open source version of ColdFusion. Here's how to dynamically generate QR Codes using the zxing Java library.

Flash Forms and IE's Unspecified Error
Flash Forms and IE's Unspecified Error

Internet Explorer throws a "Unspecified Error" error dialog box when working with (Macromedia's old) Flash forms.

ComboBox Background Color
Flex Spark ComboBox Background Color

Styling the background color of the newer Flex ComboBox.

Roundcube & MarkAsJunk2
Getting MarkAsJunk2 to Work on Roundcube

Roundcube is an open source IMAP email (ie Webmail) client, for which developers have authored various plugins. Often they work fine...

SQL Handle Error
SQL Error: Could not find prepared statement with handle...

SQL Server can't find a prepared statement with handle... huh??

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