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Alan K Holden

Accomplished Internaut

Good QA is Important
Quality Assurance Tips

Without a solid QA review system in place, each application you release will likely distract your team from concentrating fully on the next one.

In a real factory, nobody would expect those who assembled the product to also inspect it. Nor would the customer to be happy in the role of reporting defects. Why should your application development process be any different?



July 2012 - Present

Tags: ColdFusion, Flex, ActionScript, Legal
Advanta Solutions
Advanta Solutions January 2009 – Present

January 2009 – Present
Development Lead

Tags: Flex, ActionScript, ColdFusion, SQL Server, JavaScript, Ajax, UI, Contribute, Legal, PayPal

February 2012 – June 2012

Tags: ColdFusion, eCommerce, Sybase, Ajax, JavaScript

August 2009 –  December 2009
Senior Developer

Tags: eCommerce, PayFlow, SecureTrading, ColdFusion, Education, LMS, CRM
Nonfat Media

July 2008 – November 2008
Development Manager

Tags: Flex, ActionScript, ColdFusion, Entertainment, SQL Server, JavaScript
DaVita Healthcare
DaVita Inc.

2004 – 2008
Sr. Application Developer

Tags: Flex, ActionScript, ColdFusion, Healthcare, SQL Server, JavaScript, Oracle, Google, Legal
PeopleLink Inc

1998 - 2002
Production Team

Tags: ColdFusion, JSP, Sybase, Oracle
Contract Work

Jobs to remain engaged whilst between employers.

My Mura sites
Mura CMS

Watch out Joomla and Drupal...
Open source CMS (Content Management Software) from Mura will run on ColdFusion or any J2EE CFML engine like Lucee.

Tags: ColdFusion, JavaScript, Mura, CMS, UI

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