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Alan K Holden

Accomplished Internaut

The IT Zen of Futurama
The IT Zen of Futurama

Bender learns a core principle of Information Technology:

Users clamor for change, but some might complain when you give it to them.

Advanta Solutions January 2009 – Present

Advanta Solutions

Advanta Solutions, Palos Verdes CA


Development Lead


  • Contract position. Hands-on coding.
  • Design, specify and prototype API back-end & Flex/Flash front-end web application for State Court Appellate Project (LACAP), including database schema, functional and technical specifications & mockups. Advanced data input with validation and custom item renderers. Event generation and management – business functions - without reliance on third-party frameworks.
  • Hands-on programming in Flex 4 of dynamic query and report generation tools for attorney time and billing systems as mandated by the California State Supreme Court. This allows users to create and run their own database reports without DBA assistance.
  • Subcription page and simple PayPal eCommerce gateway for csiet.org student exchange site.
  • ColdFusion database lookup improvements for csiet.org student exchange site.

Flex 4, ActionScript 3, SQL-Server 2008, ColdFusion 8/9, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, CFReportBuilder


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