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Alan K Holden

Accomplished Internaut

The IT Zen of Futurama
The IT Zen of Futurama

Bender learns a core principle of Information Technology:

Users clamor for change, but some might complain when you give it to them.

UCLA Geffen School of Medicine

UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, Westwood CA


Sr. Developer

Through Modis Inc.




  • Hands-on programming. Step in to correct and complete partially developed database and application, to bring Student Information Systems project up to original timeline.
  • Provide code forensics needed to document and maintain portal programs, and recover security controls in light of absent personnel.
  • Revise graphical design from split table cell images to CSS layers, for easier update by users and managers

HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion 7, SQL-Server 2000, Contribute 4

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