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Alan K Holden

Accomplished Internaut

DaVita Inc.

DaVita Healthcare

DaVita Inc, El Segundo, CA


Sr. Application Developer   


  • Flex front-end development: Facility biomedical / biometric audit applications.
  • Application development of web based patient registration and insurance management systems, including address validation, insurance plan matching and claim tracking.
  • Design and development of corporate Intranet & content management system (CMS).
  • Design security framework files for multiple CF/Flex development teams nationwide.
  • Architecture development: Basic SSO (Single sign-on and Same sign-on) integration across platforms.
  • Lead developer on Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance systems to provide data audit trails.
  • Enterprise level web tools & security API during DaVita’s acquisition of Gambro Healthcare, completed under pressure of a strict Department of Justice merger approval timeline.
  • Flex Charting components and ColdFusion Report builder publications (pdf and xls files).
  • Flex application development: Employee photo application using web cam shoot & click.
  • Integrate Google mini appliance, WebEx single sign-in, Active Directory authentication.
  • Address large health care provider audience regarding DaVita IT features at large regional seminars.

Flex 2, Flex Charting, ActionScript 3, SQL-Server 2000, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, ColdFusion 5~8, Oracle, WSDL, LDAP, AD, Star Team, Google Mini Appliance, Omniture, WebEx, Google Analytics

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