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Alan K Holden

Accomplished Internaut

The IT Zen of Futurama
The IT Zen of Futurama

Bender learns a core principle of Information Technology:

Users clamor for change, but some might complain when you give it to them.

Nonfat Media

Nonfat Media – Breakdown Svcs. Los Angeles, CA

http://actorsaccess.com, http://breakdownexpress.com, http://showfax.com

Development Manager

  • Deliver new AIR and Flex applications to improve customer experience, like web cam based actor audition tool
  • Hands-on programming. Design front-end components and back-end API interface.
  • Bring volume e-commerce applications into PCI / DSS compliance and avoid penalties.
  • Manage development team, introduce process methods and report directly to partners.

Flex 3, ActionScript 3, SQL-Server 2005, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, ColdFusion 8, Video Encoding, Adobe AIR, VSS, CFReportBuilder

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