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Internet Needs
Internet Needs

What's the first steps in creating your Internet thing? What's the difference between a web site and a web app?

Some of the questions I answer most often...

Employee Search

Once the issue of Google integration was solved through the use of XML data feeds and ColdFusion, it was no big deal to use DaVita's Oracle database of employees ("Teammates"), to generate a Google-like XML feed to use when searching for company people.

I could then reuse much of the Google results page for my Teammate Search results page:

In yet another example of code reuse, I had previously created a ColdFusion component for the flex webcam which could be used instead of a literal file name as the SRC attribute of a html IMG tag. It would reach into the database, retrieve the BLOB (binary large object) representing the teammate's image of record, and then stream that to the browser in the form of a standard jpeg. If there was no record on file, the component would send the grey image instead.

Since the teammate image component worked off the employee id, and because the employee id was one of the nodes in my XML search results, I could just call the same component here without writing a single line of new code.

The original application is owned by DaVita, hosted behind a firewall, and can be verified by my former supervisors.


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