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Good QA is Important
Quality Assurance Tips

Without a solid QA review system in place, each application you release will likely distract your team from concentrating fully on the next one.

In a real factory, nobody would expect those who assembled the product to also inspect it. Nor would the customer to be happy in the role of reporting defects. Why should your application development process be any different?

Leveraging Cloud Photo Storage

Here is where the client keeps their own Picasa albums:



Here is where the photos from one album are repurposed for a web site gallery:



There's no additional upload required. A ColdFusion script reads the XML data from Picasa and uses the data to display the same photos in our own web page. The script was then bundled into a Mura component for use within the CMS system.

In this example, the client is fond of the gallery format from Adobe Labs Spry for Ajax Framework.

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