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Alan K Holden

Accomplished Internaut

Internet Needs
Internet Needs

What's the first steps in creating your Internet thing? What's the difference between a web site and a web app?

Some of the questions I answer most often...

Vocal work


While I do a lot of programming work now, my college certificate was for Electronic Communications (broadcasting).

I took paid announcing positions at radio stations KDUO, KFXM and KNTF in Southern California. I also did some copy writing and segment production.

I still do occasional voice work - for small institutional, educational or entertainment projects. I'm also a ham.


Here are some examples:


Benefits Training Slide

Benefits training slide audio

DAN Radio Sample
DAN Radio Sample

Abridged version of a streaming workplace radio feed demo: "DaVita Audio Network"

State of Idaho
State of Idaho

Voice work for the state's new minor tobacco access law DVD.

Obesity Training Slide

Obesity training slide audio

Hollywood Skank Ho
Hollywood Skank Ho

Soundtrack for a farcical educational filmstrip - on how "nice girls" might gain greater notoriety.

No Smoking. Turn Off Your Pagers?
Turn Off Your Pagers?

A tongue in cheek digression from the standard announcement.

Brother's Birthday
Brother's Birthday

Right out of a cheesy Vegas lounge...